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hington's ju▓risdictional power. Firms of its allied countries which refuse to yield to the U.S. supremacy can also find themselves under fire of such an overstretched jurisdictional "weapon."In 2014, the U.S. Department of Justice fined Alstom, a French pow▓er and transportation conglomerate, 772 million U.▓S. dollars, alleging the French company has broken Ameri▓ca's Foreign Corrupt Practices Act, which

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se company that has taken the lead in 5G tec▓hnology, and its affiliates on a blacklist that requires the federal government approval for any sale ▓and transfer of U.S. technologies to the Chi▓nese firm.Up to now, the United States is still lobbying other countries to exclude Hu▓awei from 5G networks construction over groundless accusations of spying."What is the m▓ost effective way to win a losing race? Y

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s, even allies."UNABASHED INTERNATIONAL DARWINISTFor decades, the United States has been touting itself as the flag-bearer of "freedom, equality, justice and humanity," but in recen▓t words and deeds, the Washington government is exposing itself as an international Darwinist who sees the world as a jungle where the powerful preys on the vulnerable.By overstretching its jurisdiction and applying unilate

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